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A summer Christmas

I know it’s only the beginning of November but I am one of those people who get ridiculously giddy at the thought of Christmas (I have to sit on my hands from Mid-October onwards to stop myself from turning on the Micheal Bible Christmas album).

This Christmas will be our fourth since moving to Australia, and I think it’s only this year that I’ve come to accept that it’s not cold outside, which means no short, dark days, crackling fires, hot chocolate and marshmallows, wooly socks, itchy-warm blankets, mulled wine or pouring warm water on the car in the morning to defrost the ice.

Christmas in the middle of summer has none of those things.

Christmas Bedding

Although it’s the beginning of November, I’m actually quite late with my preparations this year. I did start looking at presents about a month ago but decided that was too early and have since gotten sidetracked with other things. But I really do need to get on with planning what to get the boys.

For Laurence I’m hoping to minimise any plastic or get him more cars that he really doesn’t need. He gets so much more use of toys that foster his imagination – building blocks, play animals, costumes etc. We also have so much lego, which he loves to pull out when Jonny is napping (else he will try to eat it all) and I can’t see the point in getting him anymore of that – he makes the most brilliant creations with what he has already.

So, I’ll be searching for presents along those lines, as well as some books and craft things. We buy very little for him throughout the year, apart from his birthday, and so I don’t mind that he gets several presents at Christmas. However, it’s important to me to instil in him a sense of gratefulness for what he has and an understanding that others may not be so lucky – without making him feel guilty, of course.

So this year we filled an Operation Christmas Child box together and he dropped it off with Rob to be sent overseas.

Operation Christmas Chi;d

He had lots of questions about the child that was going to receive the box, whether he could meet him and why Santa wasn’t going to deliver to him already. He’s always been so excited about giving to others that I think this was a positive experience for him.

As for Jonny, I’m not really sure. We still have lots of toys from when Laurence was little that are still perfectly fine and I don’t want to buy things just for the sake of having something to open – I’m sure he’ll be more interested in the empty boxes and wrapping paper, anyway. But I will keep my eyes peeled and look for something small.

I usually have the Christmas cake made and getting suitably drunk (the cake, not me) by now. And then there’s the new pyjamas to get to go into the Christmas Eve hamper – this year I will not make the mistake of buying them from the White Company (one of my favourite UK shops), because their winter range are not designed for summer at all (obviously). Lots to do!

Christmas Eve Hamper

My mum and youngest sister are coming out in a week or so and I’ve been busy planning what we’ll be doing when they’re here. We’ve had very little rest time as a family over the past 10 months or so and I’m looking forward to a camping trip down the Great Ocean Road and then we’ll be flying up to Byron Bay with some friends for a few days too.

More on that soon!


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