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Devoted to providing an indispensable source of expert nutrition advice and delicious real food recipes to support your whole family to live well, simply and naturally.

Written by award-winning cookbook author and registered dietitian, Vanessa Clarkson, here you will find a safe space to understand more about ways to nourish your family well.



Grounded in science, guided by traditional practices, powered by plants

Modern science has taught us so much about food’s ability to nourish and heal us. Now more than ever, we understand that real food is truly our first medicine. However, much of what we have come to learn has simply echoed the wisdoms that our forebearers for thousands of years, have long known and shared from generation to generation.

Nourishing Foundations revives these traditional approaches to food choice and preparation; understanding that it is by nurturing a more positive and purposeful relationship with our food, that we will reap the most benefits for the wellbeing of our families and our earth.

Plants rest at the heart of a real food kitchen – land and sea vegetables, legumes (beans, peas, lentils), whole grains, fruit, nuts and seeds – fill our plates with vibrancy and nourish us from the ground up.

Yet, far from being transformational – seeking a path of plant-based eating can often add to the exhaustion or overwhelm that is already experienced by busy, modern families. The presence of so much conflicting nutrition information, against a background of highly processed, nutritionally-depleted foods, can make the wholefood way feel like just another chore to add to the infinite to-do list.   

Nourishing Foundations aims to restore perspective on eating well, by offering support and guidance to reconnect families to the joy of real food on a deeper, more meaningful level. Whether vegan, vegetarian or simply looking to include more plants on your plate, the holistic resources and recipes you find here will help you to do that for you and your family.  



Nourishing Foundations was created by Vanessa Clarkson, a registered dietitian and public health nutritionist. Vanessa graduated with a first-class degree in Dietetics and achieved a distinction in her Masters degree in Food Policy.

With nearly 15 years of experience, Vanessa has worked across all sectors including government, non-profits and food businesses to improve the food that millions of people eat every day. This included pioneering work to remove hundreds of unnecessary food additives, significantly reducing salt and sugar levels in manufactured foods and removing altogether industrially-produced trans fats. Vanessa was also involved in designing and implementing both the UK’s first front-of-pack traffic light nutrition labelling scheme and Australia’s Health Star Rating system. 

As a mother of two, Vanessa is a passionate advocate for nurturing a love of real food from the first bite. Vanessa is originally from the UK and now lives, writes and cooks on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, just outside of Melbourne in Australia.



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