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Beach house love

So it’s been a few months now since we moved into our new house and things are starting to settle into place. The creaks are beginning to sound familiar and I’ve learnt how far to turn the taps to avoid getting scolded (although this still happens when Rob fills the kettle).

There are still a few random switches that I have no idea what they’re for – I’m probably turning the light on and off in my neighbour’s loo as I test them. And I’ve also learnt that there’s a lot of asbestos around the place, which is going to be an (expensive) pain as we start to renovate.

The previous owners had lived here for a long time and really went to town with the beach house colours. One section of weatherboard downstairs was painted blue and white stripes, supposedly to look like a beach box, but it just made the hallway feel small and narrow.

We’ve since painted over all the blue, turquoise and yellow and pretty much everything is white now. It feels so much better – clean, fresh and spacey.

beach house guest room

This is the entry to the downstairs guest bedroom (it’s an upside down house with the living space upstairs). Originally it was one of the brightest rooms in the house – the walls were a sunshine yellow (sounds nicer than it was) and there was a navy blue border around the top. It just shows you what a few (read, four) coats of white paint will achieve. We’ve also replaced the waterproof (?) floral curtains with these bamboo blinds that we found at Bunnings.

It’s quickly become my favourite room in the morning. The sun rises over the garden at the back and floods this room with light and warmth. I often retreat in here to fold and air the laundry as the boys play in Laurence’s room next door.

I’ve only shown a peek because we still need to dress her up (including finding a plant pot) and make her ready for my mum, who is coming to visit from England in a few weeks.


This is the view from the floor directly above. There’s a skylight to the right there, releasing much-needed light into this space. Hung on the wall is Rob’s grandfather’s antique oak-framed mirror. We brought it over with us from the UK when we moved to Australia, but it’s only now that we have our own place that we have been able to hang it properly.

That room ahead is Jonathan’s room (well, it’s where we change his nappy and he has his daytime naps). It’s the smallest bedroom but there’s a door linking it through to the master on the left, so it’s really handy for when Jonathan is in his own bed (some time soon I hope).

Beach house bedroom corner

This is another corner of Laurence’s room. We’ll be putting some more bookshelves under this lovely print I found on Etsy, and I hope to get a hanging chair and a big wool rug to make it feel cosy and inviting – Laurence has really taken to ‘reading’ stories by himself and I’m keen to carve out a little spot that he can retreat to with that in mind.

Here’s a close-up of that beautiful print –

Under the sea print

The list of things to tackle grows daily but we are slowly getting there and ticking things off.

The next big thing is the boys playroom, which I’m hoping to finish in the next few weeks. I’m just waiting on Rob to fit a bannister at the bottom of the stairs, so I can use a stair gate, stopping Jonathan, a born climber, trying to ascend then at every opportunity.

I will report back and let you know how we get on.


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