Nourishing Foundations

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I believe that fostering a love of real food in children begins very early in their development - even before they are born. But especially important are those very early days when we introduce babies to 'solids' around the six month mark.

This is a time when babies learn by absorbing the world around them. Becoming increasingly aware of how things fit together and their place within all of that.

Through self-feeding, little food explorers quickly learn to recognise what they're eating - its taste, texture and smell. How to pick food up without squishing it and swallow it safely.

And though littlies may see the world through a different sensory keyhole than adults, preferring sweet and eventually salty flavours, they needn't have different meals or 'kid' food. Small tweaks on a family meal for safety, is generally all that is needed.


Plant-Based Whole Foods

Plants rest at the heart of a whole food kitchen - vegetables, legumes (beans, peas, pulses), grains, fruit, nuts and seeds. They fill our plates with vibrancy and nourish us from the ground up.

Be it vegan, vegetarian or even if you continue to enjoy small amounts of responsibly produced meat, poultry or fish - plant-based eating is good for us and our planet.

Giving due consideration to how food has been grown or nurtured;  paring things back to being simple, sustaining and delicious; and being a positive role model for our children on all these things, lies at the heart of encouraging a deep-rooted, lifelong love of real food.



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